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Dear my fellow teachers,

Post lectures, and gain publicity.
Monetize your lectures, and make money.
Meet your prospective students around the world.

We already have a great number of English learners who are looking for English teachers. This number is growing very fast. English On The Go is the SNS based English teaching and learning app. We provide an innovative and ideal platform for both English teachers and learners, using social features. There are more than 1 billion English learners around the globe. Our highly sophisticated feed algorithm provides the most customized posts for each user, allowing them to be frequently exposed to the expressions they need to know. Teachers can create, post and distribute their lectures in a snap within a few clicks wherever they are. We provide English teachers with the platform to reach their prospective students anywhere in the world.

Teachers will be able to monetize their lectures soon within this year. Please take the best chance for your lectures to be exposed in time of monetization.

English On The Go has a timeline to begin selling your lectures within the next 6 months. Now is an essential time to build a good reputation with the English learners on EOTG. They will recognize your name and will be eager to buy your lectures. The minimum bundle is 50 lectures, and 20 will be public, so instructors should create 70 lectures to monetize. Remember that bite-sized lectures are the goal, so each lesson is limited to 5 minutes in length, making it easy to build a bundle. It is crucial to establish rapport with app users early on.

What are you waiting for? Post your lectures today!

To become an instructor on English On The Go, please refer to the following procedures.

Go to My Lecture tab >
Click "Be and instructor".
Fill in the form and submit it.
That's it!

Certified instructors will have a special badge displayed in their lecture posts.
Their lectures will be recommended by us in time of monetization.

  • Am I paid for the lecture service?
  • No, you are not paid for your lecture service currently, but by working as an instructor on the breakthrough English SNS, you will have the opportunity to make yourself known to students around the world from North America to the Far East, as well as to those in your local area. This will be beneficial to you by allowing you to connect with prospective students. What's even better is that we are planning to launch the system within the first year, which will allow instructors to switch all or part of their existing lectures on English On The Go into paid ones. In this case, you will be paid a percentage of income earned from the sales of the lectures. This "Paid Lecture Service" will begin when English On The Go decides that enough┬álectures have been accumulated to meet student's needs. The tuition fee will vary based on the the users' reviews and the number of lectures posted. All the details regarding the "Paid Lecture Service" will be given to instructors prior to the service launch.
  • How long should the lecture be?
  • We recommend that each lecture is 2-3 minutes long and no more than 5 minutes, as most of our students expect the lectures to be short and to the point.
  • What mobile device should I use to create lectures?
  • Any smartphone or tablet from Apple or Android phone brands will do. We recommend you to use an earphone or a headphone with remote and microphone instead of a built in smartphone microphone as the built in microphone absorbs more ambience and surrounding noises and it also creates more puff sound. A bundled earphone microphone works fine.
  • What theme should I choose?
  • You can choose any theme you are interested in, even if the same theme is already being posted by other instructors.
  • Can I change themes to post?
  • Yes, you can change themes anytime, when you think you have uploaded enough.
  • Can I explain in my own language other than English?
  • Of course, you can. Our students taking your lectures are from various parts of the world, such as China, Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, etc. Some students prefer English lectures explained in their own language and others will prefer lectures in English. Your base language will be presented in the instructor list for students to easily choose their instructors.
  • Do I always have to record in a quiet place?
  • Not necessarily. You can record your lectures in any place you like. In English On The Go, students prefer lectures made and posted right on the spot where the expressions are used.
  • How many lectures do I have to post?
  • There's no rule but at least 3 to 5 lectures per week will be ideal. Uploading more than 5 lectures per week will be welcome, of course.
  • Do I always have to upload a photo?
  • Yes, a photo or multiple photos must be included when uploading lectures as photos are integral elements in helping students understand.
  • Can I use the photo downloaded from the internet?
  • No, it is strictly prohibited. If the photo is not owned and/or taken by you, you cannot use it to create lectures.
  • How long is the contract?
  • There's no specific contract period but if an instructor violates our policies, English On The Go has the right to terminate the contract.
  • Prohibitions
  • Lectures dealing with obscenity, illegal drugs, murder or religion may not be uploaded.
    Uploading photos and sounds of obscenity and violence is strictly prohibited.

Tips for Instructors

Further ideas on how to choose themes and how to get sources for your lectures
1. Choose a theme you are interested in and familiar with.
2. Choose a theme that is common in your daily life.
3. You can create your own theme as well, such as Food and Diet.
4. Research your topics for lectures on the internet and get an idea on what you will post.
5. Read journals of the theme everyday and get ideas.
6. When you encounter the scenes related to your theme, take several photos of them, even if you don't use them right away. They will be good sources later.
7. Recording the conversations or sentences related to your theme and using them in your lecture, will make your posts more real, which will increase popularity.
8. Photos can be saved and used later but sounds cannot be recorded and stored for later use. The operating system of the smartphone blocks this function.

Tips to make your lectures much more attractive and favoured by students
1. Make your students expect and wait for the upcoming lecture. It is like a sitcom. When you finish your lecture, remark, and give a rough idea of what will come next.
2. Don't make your lectures boring like a classroom style. I would say it is not a lecture but a delivery of expressions used in everyday life. English On The Go is relaxing, fun, and live.
3. If you make a small mistake while recording, don't stop and try to record again. Students will accept such mistakes as a sign of natural, novel, and instantaneous-on-the-spot English.
4. Include interesting and appealing photos in your lecture.
5. Students prefer lectures that are short and to the point.
Sample Videos

20 dollars is all it takes to start saving.
It takes commitment to go to a good university.
It takes patience to be a good teacher

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