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About Us

Why and how it began

I am Mark Kim, CEO and Founder of English On The Go. I have been in the education industry for a long time, especially in the field of teaching English. I have also consistently pursued to change the ways of teaching and foreign language learning and have made attempts to give its methods the benefits of cutting edge technology.

I wanted to see a world where teachers can create their lessons instantly and share them with the world in a snap. When the internet came to the world, sharing became much easier, being a revolution. However, creating lectures was still in the darkness of conventional world. To make student-friendly multimedia lectures, we had to go to the studio, or at least had to be equipped with expensive audio and video devices and ask for the help of technicians. Creating multimedia lectures was still not an easy job to the majority of instructors.

Finally, with the appearance of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, the creation of multimedia lectures became so easy and simple. It was the time when I exclaimed "Eureka!!" "Yes, this is it!" The smart phone is already a flawless computer in the palm of your hand, the capacity of which is equivalent to the workstation of 10 years ago.

It has a camera, enabling people to take photos and to film videos. Besides, it has a microphone that enables teachers to record their lectures on the spot. Astonishingly, it is connected to the internet at every moment, which allows lecturers to post their lessons whenever they want. What is it? It is the super effective lecture-creating device which has never existed before. When I thought of the smartphone's potential for versatility in education, I couldn't even sleep because I had finally gotten all the pieces of the puzzles set.

On December 2013, I started to design the interface and develop smartphone applications for both instructors and students. I struggled to find the ideal way and technical details to create, upload, share and enjoy lectures. I also had to spend a long period of time studying the content to be posted. My main area of study was what English students would want to see on their feed. At this point, my career as an English teacher was of great help. I launched the beta version of English On The Go, called "markim english on the go", which was only open to Korean students. With more than 800 lectures posted, I have tested user experiences and technologies available during the year 2014. While testing the beta version, I found out that students loved the instantaneous creation of lectures on the spot, even if the lectures contained surrounding noises. They actually accepted the surrounding noises as they were the signs of recording lectures on the spot where the English expressions were used. Finally, I have the complete version, which enables teachers to easily post their lectures on their smartphone, allows students to post questions and to answer other people's, and share their English expressions with the world. It is the world's first English-Study SNS application. I would like to see the IT penetrate the world of education and help billions of people who study English to improve their language skills. I want English On The Go to serve as an English education platform, growing with the active participation of many general users as well as English lecturers around the world. Thank you very much.

Contact Us

Mark Kim, CEO : +1 (778) 387 4394

Email : mark@engonthego.com

4-5801 Yonge St. North York, ON, M2M 3T9, Canada

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